Curriculum Vitae


David George Hollier is an executive in the food industry.

After leaving school in Newcastle at the age of 15 he travelled to Gainsborough to serve an apprenticeship with Rose Bros., who at the time were the premier manufacturer of packaging machinery.

His apprenticeship in such a large self-contained company involved working in every department in the factory, from pattern making through two foundries, two different heat treatment shops, machining, gear cutting, grinding and assembly, finishing up in the Drawing Office.

His education involved going to college one day per week and five nights per week for a period of seven years, culminating in a Higher National Certificate with endorsements, which at that time were the qualifications required to become a member of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers.  He also gained a Full Technical Certificate in Product Design enabling him to become a member of the Institute of Engineering Designers.

At the end of his apprenticeship he moved to FMC Corp in London as a draughtsman, continuing his education at Southall College of Technology.  On becoming qualified and receiving Institute Membership the company transferred him into sales where he progressed up the ladder, becoming Product Line Manager in charge of Manufacturing and Sales of FMC UKs range of food machinery. 

In 1977 he left FMC to start up his own company, Reekcroft Food Processing Equipment Ltd., acting as an agent for various overseas companies and also designing and having machines built for him by sub-contractors.  Reekcroft FPE Ltd. were involved in the design, installation and commissioning of complete lines for the canning, freezing and dehydration industries. 

In 1987 he sold 50% of his shareholding in Reekcroft to one of the companies for whom he acted as agent in the UK. As they were known throughout the world as Kiremko, this necessitated a change of name to Kiremko UK Ltd. 

Although continuing as MD of Kiremko UK, he then started introducing Kiremko to markets around the world, spending a total of six months of each year out of the country.  Japan and the USA are two notable success stories: neither market purchased machines from Kiremko prior to 87, now they are both regular export markets (Japan purchasing in excess of 1m p.a. and the USA purchasing in excess of 2.5m p.a.) 

Factory installations in China, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Venezuela, Indonesia and many other countries were also due to his efforts. 

In July 1999 he sold his shares in Kiremko and has been retained as consultant to a number of companies - Calbee Foods Japan, Cheviot Foods Amble, Northumberland and many more.